Erica Packer loves her red grand piano from Hutchings - Hutchings Pianos
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Erica Packer loves her red grand piano from Hutchings

Former wife of James Packer, Erica Packer, has started an online business called Booodl, which is a bit like Pinterest, but where you tell friends what you own and love and what you want. In her own Booodl profile she says that her Alex.Steinbach SIG48D grand piano in Ferrari red is one of her favourite possessions.  See the article in the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail. The RRP of the SIG48D in red is actually $14,995, but we’re not surprised the piano has been valued ‘in excess of $36,000’. Proves what a great price they are now and what a fantastic long-term investment an Alex.Steinbach baby grand can be!