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Alex.Steinbach is an Australian brand name, well known and respected for over twenty-five years. In the early 1980s, Peter Edwards approached Samick and started importing and promoting their pianos. The name ‘Alex.Steinbach’ was created and a trademark developed. Thus began a time-honoured relationship with Samick, extending over twenty years. Pianos First boasts the longest relationship with Samick, of all Australian importers of Samick products.

Alex.Steinbach is now a name that is highly valued, respected and recognised as one of the top four piano brand names in the Australian piano market. Hutchings Pianos is one of the very few selected stores approved to sell this range in Sydney.

So how is Alex.Steinbach different from other pianos?

Triple-Strength, Fine-Grain Spruce Soundboard
All Alex.Steinbach pianos feature an advanced, triple-strength soundboard, designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate. The orthodox method of using a single layer, solid spruce soundboard is not suitable for climates with extreme temperature or humidity changes. Even the highest quality spruce soundboards may crack or split in time and in certain locations.

Alex.Steinbach pianos retain the traditional solid spruce soundboard in the centre, plus add an innovative thin veneer (0.5mm) of genuine spruce wood, across the grain on each side. This tri-layer of spruce gives the soundboard strength and durability, while still retaining quality of tone with the spruce core. For this reason, all Alex.Steinbach piano soundboards demonstrate excellent sound generation and also withstand extremes of temperature, providing complete investment security.

Longer Strings Produce Better Resonance
The quality of string wire used in pianos is very important in the creation of sound. In addition, the length of a piano’s strings is directly related to the quality of sound and tone. Taller upright pianos and longer grands possess longer strings, allowing better vibration and consequently richer sound. Alex.Steinbach pianos achieve greater length in the bass by increasing the angle of these strings.

High Quality Double-Felt Hammers
The hammer head is part of the action. When a key is pressed the hammer hits the strings and starts the sound ringing. The quality of felt used in the hammers is very important. It has to be dense enough to prevent the strings from cutting into it but not too hard so that tone is compromised. Alex.Steinbach pianos use Japanese felt in the majority of their upright pianos, with German felt used in the professional Millennia model and all their grand pianos.

In addition, top grade hammers should have two layers of wool felt. In Alex.Steinbach pianos the hammers are made of pure wool felt that is attached to winter-cut hard woods, through a process of applying extreme pressure to each layer of wool. The inner layer of felt is applied with less pressure and creates a warmer sound. The outer layers are applied with higher tension to give the hammer balanced hardness to ensure durability through repeated use.

Wooden Pedal Levers Improve Sound Quality
Hollow metal parts are not usually used in pianos because they can cause unwanted vibrations when the piano is being played. This is why Alex.Steinbach pianos utilise wooden pedal levers to eliminate unwanted noise.

Safety Options
Soft close key lids, called ‘slow-falls’ or ‘slow-fallboards’ are featured in Alex.Steinbach upright pianos 118cm and above and all grand piano models. This prevents the keyboard lid from falling too quickly, reducing the risk of damaging small hands. It operates through a hydraulic mechanism that exerts pressure against the key lid when it starts to fall.

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