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Why Choose a Grand Piano? 

Hutchings Pianos stock a wide range of new grand pianos from around the world – Germany, Japan and other countries.

Grand pianos are the ultimate choice in pianos. This is partly because of their beautiful shape, but mainly because they display superior sound. A grand piano’s soundboard is placed horizontal to the floor, allowing the soundboard to vibrate more freely. The dampers also fall by gravity and not by spring and are therefore more efficient. In addition, the lid can be opened wider, allowing greater sound projection.


When Size Counts… 

The size of the piano is directly related to its sound; The longer the grand piano, the longer the strings and hence longer grand pianos exhibit greater sound projection, depth of tone and provide greater expression capabilities.

  • Baby grand pianos (140-161cm) are perfect for new pianists and look absolutely stunning in homes.
  • Intermediate to advanced pianists and entertainment venues will prefer a medium to semi-concert grand (161-225cm).
  • Larger auditoriums will require a concert grand piano (over 225cm).

For more information about our current range call us on 9387 1376.

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