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Digital Pianos

Digital pianos are sometimes confused with keyboards, but there are a few important differences. Keyboards have just 61-76 notes whereas digital pianos are the same length as a traditional acoustic piano with about 88 notes or 7 to 8 octaves. Digital pianos also generate better sound than keyboards because they have more powerful speakers. The other major difference is that digital pianos usually feel more realistic, like a traditional acoustic piano. You may hear the term ‘weighted, hammered action’. This refers to an attempt to grade the keyboard from left to right (bass to treble). The bass notes in the left are generally harder to press than the treble notes on the right, just like on a traditional acoustic piano.

The main benefits of a digital piano over an acoustic piano include the variety of sounds and rhythms, opening up a world of creative options. They can be connected to computers for recording or score-writing and they don’t need tuning!

Hutchings Pianos stock only the best digital piano brands, Yamaha Clavinovas and Casios, at price points to suit any budget.

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