Schimmel Konzert Series K213G 'Plexiglas' | Hutchings Pianos
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Schimmel Konzert Series K213G ‘Plexiglas’


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Glass has a magic all of its own. Its history dates back almost five thousand years. Discovered in Mesopotamia, the cradle of all culture, glass in a seemingly infinite variety of forms has conquered the world. Whether crystal clear or in colours like the windows of cathedrals, whether intended for daily use, for jewelry or for decorating a table set for a banquet – down through the ages and throughout all cultural epochs, glass has occupied an important place in the life of mankind.

In its original form, comprised of minerals, it is brittle and fragile. Transparent acrylic plastic, an achievement of modern science, combines the optical characteristics of glass with a flexibility which renders it virtually impervious to damage by impact. Yet in whatever form we encounter it, glass has an enchantment all its own. A convincing proof of this is the Schimmel grand K 213 Glas with acrylic plastic cabinetry, created by Nikolaus W. Schimmel. A uniquely fascinating instrument.

Read more here about the Schimmel brand. For further information visit the Schimmel Germany website, or contact us today for a demonstration of these beautiful European pianos, exclusive to Hutchings Pianos in Sydney.

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Weight 395 kg
Dimensions 213154102 cm