Alex Steinbach Romance JS121MD Dream II Silent | Hutchings Pianos
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Alex Steinbach Romance JS121MD Dream II Silent

$8,995.00 $7,995.00

Price shown for polished ebony. Price may vary based on chosen colour option.



Exudes cosmopolitan glamour. Intrigue and adventure await. The complete piano. Ideal for teachers, beginners, intermediate and advanced students alike. The Romance models are therefore an excellent choice for parents wishing to invest in a piano that will carry their child right through to higher examinations and performance preparation if desired. It is also perfect for households requiring a piano to suit a number of family members at different playing levels.

This model includes the Dream II Silent System which allows you to enjoy your piano anytime through headphones.

Available in a large range of colours – ebony, ivory, white, walnut satin/gloss and mahogany satin/gloss.

Read more about the Alex.Steinbach brand or contact Hutchings Pianos today for information. For further details visit the Alex.Steinbach Pianos website.