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Alex.Steinbach Recital JS125MD

$8,495.00 $6,995.00

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The best upright piano for schools, churches, community groups and small halls. The JS125D model was specifically designed by Alex.Steinbach for the European market, in consultation with their French distributor. The arm shape has a defined and elegant look. Additional features include a one-piece fallboard, wooden black keys, top grade German Renner hammers, brass castors, improved muffler and softfall systems, a wooden action beam rail with metal reinforcement, and a solid, capped bridge. Thus the Récital piano is much easier to tune accurately and will hold its tune for longer.

Alex.Steinbach is a name that is highly valued, respected and recognised as one of the top three piano brands in the Australian piano market. They are only available in Australia and only through carefully appointed stores. Hutchings proudly displays the most popular Alex.Steinbach models on their floor and can custom order other colours and wood finishes to suit you. Our staff can personally attest to the brand’s quality. We have been an authorised Alex.Steinbach store for over two decades.

Read more about the Alex.Steinbach brand or contact Hutchings Pianos today for information. For further details visit the Alex.Steinbach Pianos website.
Additional Information
Weight 235 kg
Dimensions 12515061 cm