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Piano Tuning

How Often Should I Tune My Piano?

Piano maintenance, or servicing, is called ‘tuning’. Every so often you will also need to book your piano in for a full service which includes ‘regulation’. Some people may also want to ‘voice’ their piano to make sure it sounds exactly the way they desire.

  • All pianos need tuning. Tuning is the adjustment of each individual string’s tension so that they vibrate at frequencies that give the correct pitch
  • The number of times you need to tune your piano will depend upon changes in climate, age, condition of the piano and how often it is used. Most pianos require a minimum of two tunings a year. New pianos with new strings may need more because the strings will need to stretch out much of their elasticity before they will hold constant tension
  • If you keep your piano regularly tuned it will keep your piano healthy and help it to hold its pitch in the future
  • It is important to find a professional tuner. Hutchings Pianos recommend the tuners listed below
  • The cost of tuning varies according to each tuner, but is usually around $150-$200 plus parts and travel.

What’s the difference between tuning, regulation and voicing?

  • Regulation differs from tuning. All pianos require regulation from time to time. Tuning adjusts strings, whereas regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical parts that comprise the action. There are over thirty-five points of adjustment per note in a grand piano and twenty-five in an upright so it is an important aspect of piano care
  • Voicing, is when an experienced technician modifies the piano’s tone intensity and quality. A piano’s tone may be bright or mellow. There are no right or wrong tonal styles, except to ensure that the tone should be even throughout

For more information on regulation, voicing and how to notice when your piano may require these checks by a piano technician, request your free 36 page booklet, Australian Piano Buyers’ Guide.


Reference: Edwards, Peter, & Lee-Archer, Anne. The Australian Piano Buyers’ Guide. 2007. Studio 19 Imports (Aust) Pty Ltd, Launceston

A Selection Of Hutchings’ Piano Tuners

Hutchings Pianos can recommend a piano tuner or technician in your local area. Please see just some of our recommended tuners on this page. For further assistance in finding a tuner or technician please call us on (02) 9387 1376, or contact us.

Mr Andi Hanna – Andi Hanna Piano Tuning & Service

Andi is a highly regarded piano tuner and technician who specialises in tuning, regulation, repairs, restoration and evaluation of upright and grand pianos. He is nationally accredited through the Australasian Piano Tuners & Technicians Association, a registered member of the APTTA and PTTG NSW, a certified Alex.Steinbach, Yamaha and Kawai technician and an authorised PianoDisc installer.

Areas Covered: Sydney and surrounds.
Email: ahpianos@tpg.com.au
Phone: 0408 979 819

Ms Carol Cazzbo Johns

As a sought-after professional musician for over thirty years and a piano technician for ten, Cazzbo is at home in a diverse range of performance environments and genres. Whether it’s in the hurly-burly world of event hire piano tuning, or in your own home, you are assured quality service and personable communication with Cazzbo at the helm. Cazzbo holds the esteemed Licentiate in Piano Technology from the Conservatorium of Music and is an accredited piano technician (ARPT) with the Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association.

Areas Covered: Sydney Area
Website: www.cazzbo.com
Phone: 0408 200 624

Ms Nada Jasz – Harmony Maintained

Nada was trained in the art of piano tuning by renowned Sydney piano technicians Ron Overs and Curtis Wilkinson. With over 17 years of experience in the music industry, Nada can tune and care for your pianos with the highest level of professionalism, whether that be in the home, academic or concert performance setting. She is also qualified to provide pre-purchase inspections and valuation services.

Areas Covered: Southern Highlands/Goulburn – in transit to and from Canberra – Sunday to Tuesday. Nowra – Wednesday. Wollongong – Fridays & Saturdays.
Website: www.pianocare.com.au
Email: nada@pianocare.com.au
Phone: 0414 343 034

Mr Allen Andersen

Third generation piano tuner. Allen began his apprenticeship at the Beale Piano Factory in Trafalgar St, Annadale Sydney. He is a long time business associate of Hutchings Pianos as was his father. Allen’s father tuned for Hutchings Pianos for 20 years

Areas Covered: Allen specialises in schools and pianos in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.
Phone: 02 9661 6212

Mr Peter Fletcher

With a passion for restoring old family pianos to their former glory with many years of experience; Peter has been the sole tuner for Lathams Music for the past 15 years (since the retirement of Ray Latham). Being Yamaha accredited Peter is the Newcastle area tuner for Yamaha Australia.

Peter is a third generation tuner that was apprenticed by his father, Ron Fletcher, who in turn was also trained by his grandfather at the Palings factory.

Areas Covered: Belmont South – Newcastle Area.
Phone: 0412 733 542 or 02 49477370

Mr Nick Croft

Utilising the Sydney Con Tuning Style Nick provides fast accurate aural tuning services. The Sydney Con Tuning Style combines the best of German and American tuning styles, with Japanese engineering research and time-and-motion studies.

Phone: 0417 046 688
Website: pianoservices.com.au
Email: nick.croft@gmail.com

Steve Allison

Phone: 0431 583 774
Email: steve_piano_tuner@yahoo.com.au