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Moving Pianos

How To Move A Piano Safely

Pianos are extremely heavy. Upright pianos weigh around 200 kilograms and grand pianos around 300 kilograms. Hutchings Pianos recommend that your piano should only be moved by professional piano carriers. Please be aware that generalist furniture removalists may not be experienced in moving pianos. Grand pianos require particular attention. The legs need to be removed very carefully and a special trolley is required so they can be moved on their side through doors.


An estimated cost to move an upright piano within the Sydney metro area would be around $200 and around $300 for grand pianos. This is assuming one-way, ground floor, no stairs, easy access and a business hours delivery. However each situation will be different, so it is best to ask the carrier for a quotation.


If you wish to move your piano between rooms in your own house please be conscious of the piano’s weight and possible injury risks before doing the following:


  • Close and if possible secure the lid
  • Be aware that upright pianos have a tendency to tip over and grand piano legs may snap, so it is important not to push the piano
  • If you are moving an upright piano, position at least one person on each end
  • Position at least three people around grand pianos, one near each leg.
  • It is important to alleviate the weight off the castors, but you do not need to lift it off the floor
  • Roll the piano very slowly and carefully a few centimetres at a time
For details of recommended piano carriers in Sydney, or for the best interstate piano removalists in Australia, please contact us