Brands - Hutchings Pianos
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We represent only the best piano brands.

Hutchings Pianos stock only the best brands – Schimmel pianos from Germany and Europe, Yamaha pianos from Japan and Indonesia, Alex.Steinbach from Korea and Indonesia and Beale from China.

In digitals, Hutchings proudly stock Yamaha Clavinovas and Casio. In player pianos, Hutchings represent Yamaha’s Disklavier series and also PianoDisc from the USA that can be purchased as an add-on to Alex.Steinbach pianos, or retro-fitted into any brand of acoustic piano.


For more information about our current range visit our store or call us on 9387 1376.

Read more about our brands

  • Schimmel Pianos

    Premium German & European-made, award-winning pianos

  • Yamaha Pianos

    Timeless artistry and technical sophistication

  • Alex.Steinbach Pianos

    Creative choices of colours and styles, with a lifetime warranty

  • Beale Pianos

    Built by the world’s largest piano factory

  • Yamaha Disklavier Player Pianos

    Combing a Yamaha acoustic piano with an integrated music ecosystem

  • PianoDisc Player Pianos

    An Alex.Steinbach add-on, or retro-fit your own piano

  • Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos

    Digital pianos with outstanding sound from Yamaha's grand pianos

  • Casio Digital Pianos

    The name that signifies sound and technology