About | Hutchings Pianos
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Why Our Customers Choose Hutchings Pianos

The store maxim, Sydney’s Home of Pianos, reflects the Hutchings Pianos ethos:


  • The building where the store now stands was originally the Hutchings’ family home. Three generations of Hutchings have operated the business from this one location for over half a century. It is a landmark in the Woollahra and Bondi Junction area and it remains a family owned and run business today


  • It is a complete piano store, displaying and supplying an extensive selection of acoustic, digital and player pianos, at different price points, with a range of tone styles to suit each person. Plus piano music, accessories and lessons


  • Hutchings Pianos specialise in sourcing pianos with stylish cabinetry designs and veneers to enhance and match your decor. Pianos cannot be hidden away like a flute or guitar. They become an integral part of your family and your home!


  • Hutchings staff possess decades of experience. They can advise on the best piano and servicing program for wherever your piano calls ‘home’, be it professional stage use, for a school, teaching studio, house or apartment


  • Visit Hutchings Pianos and see how each piano will look and sound, not in an expansive warehouse, but in a real home


Everyone who enjoys the piano, regardless of your playing level, is warmly welcomed and respected by Hutchings Pianos staff.